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Bits from Debian

Arduino is back on Debian

On Mon 01 February 2021 with tags arduino announce
Written by Rock Storm

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The Debian Electronics Team is happy to announce that the latest version of Arduino, probably the most widespread platform for programming AVR micro-controllers, is now packaged and uploaded onto Debian unstable.

The last version of Arduino that was readily available in Debian was 1.0.5, which dates back to 2013. It's been years of trying and failing but finally, after a great months-long effort from Carsten Schoenert and Rock Storm, we have got a working package for the latest Arduino. After over 7 years now, users will be able to install the Arduino IDE as easy as "apt install arduino" again.

"The purpose of this post is not just to announce this new upload but actually more of a request for testing" said Rock Storm. " The title could very well be WANTED: Beta Testers for Arduino (dead or alive :P).". The Debian Electronics Team would appreciate if anyone with the tools and knowledge for it could give the package a try and let us know if he/she finds any issues with it.

With this post we thank the Debian Electronics Team and all previous contributors to the package. This feat would have not been achievable without them.

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