Bits from Debian

Bits from Debian

Working in a possible LTS for Debian Squeeze

On Thu 20 March 2014 with tags squeeze security
Written by Ana Guerrero Lopez

The Debian Security Team announced in the bits from their last meeting that they're considering to ask for the addition of a new suite to provide long term support (LTS) for Squeeze.

Quoting their announcement:

  • It needs to be pointed out that for this effort to be sustainable actual contributions by interested parties are required. squeeze-lts is not something that will magically fall from the sky. If you're dependent/interested in extended security support you should make an effort to contribute, either by contributing on your own or by paying a Debian developer/consultant to contribute for you. The security team itself is driving the effort, NOT doing it. Some team members will contribute to it individually, however.

  • Anyone interested in contributing, please get in touch with We'll setup an initial coordination list with all interested parties. All policies / exact work will be sorted out there.

This means this is still not something settled and if you or your company is insterested in joining this effort, you should contact the security team ASAP. So they can see if there is enough people and resources to launch the LTS.

Security updates for the X Window System client libraries

On Sat 25 May 2013 with tags security wheezy squeeze
Written by Ana Guerrero

If you see a bunch of packages upgrades pending in your Squeeze or brand new Wheezy system, don't panic!

Ilja van Sprundel, a security researcher from IOActive, has discovered a large number of issues in the various X client libraries and he has worked with X.Org's security team to analyze, confirm, and fix these issues. You can find more information in the security advisory from

The Debian Security and teams have quickly updated all the affected packages in Squeeze and Wheezy. You can see the full list of updates in the debian-security-announce mailing list archives.

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