Bits from Debian

Bits from Debian

Recherche d'un thème pour Trixie, la prochaine version de Debian

On Fri 21 June 2024 with tags artwork trixie
Written by Jonathan Carter
Translated by Jean-Pierre Giraud

Chaque édition de Debian bénéficie d'un nouveau thème brillant visible sur l'écran d'amorçage, l'écran de connexion et, de la façon la plus évidente, sur le fond d'écran. Debian prévoit de publier Trixie, sa prochaine version, durant l'année à venir. Et, comme toujours, nous avons besoin de vous pour créer son thème ! Vous avez l'occasion de concevoir un thème qui inspirera des milliers de personnes quand ils travaillent sur leur machine Debian.

Pour disposer des détails les plus récents, veuillez vous référer à la page du wiki.

Nous voudrions profiter de cette occasion pour remercier Juliette Taka Belin pour avoir créé le thème Emerald pour Bookworm.

La date limite pour les propositions est le 19 septembre 2024.

Le thème est habituellement choisi en se basant sur ce qui paraît le plus :

  • « Debian » : il est vrai que ce n'est pas le concept le mieux défini, dans la mesure où chacun a son sentiment sur ce que représente Debian pour eux ;
  • « possible à intégrer sans corriger le logiciel de base » : autant nous aimons les thèmes follement excitants, certains nécessiteraient un gros travail d'adaptation des thèmes GTK+ et la correction de GDM/GNOME ;
  • « clair et bien conçu » : sans être quelque chose qui devient ennuyeux à regarder au bout d'un an. Parmi les bons thèmes, on peut citer Joy, Lines, Softwaves et futurePrototype.

Si vous souhaitez disposer plus d'informations, veuillez utiliser la liste de diffusion Debian Desktop.

Looking for the artwork for Trixie the next Debian release

On Fri 21 June 2024 with tags trixie artwork
Written by Jonathan Carter

Translations: pt-BR

Each release of Debian has a shiny new theme, which is visible on the boot screen, the login screen and, most prominently, on the desktop wallpaper. Debian plans to release Trixie, the next release, next year. As ever, we need your help in creating its theme! You have the opportunity to design a theme that will inspire thousands of people while working in their Debian systems.

For the most up to date details, please refer to the wiki.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Juliette Taka Belin for doing the Emerald theme for bookworm.

The deadlines for submissions is: 2024-09-19

The artwork is usually picked based on which themes look the most:

  • ''Debian'': admittedly not the most defined concept, since everyone has their own take on what Debian means to them.
  • ''plausible to integrate without patching core software'': as much as we love some of the insanely hot looking themes, some would require heavy GTK+ theming and patching GDM/GNOME.
  • ''clean / well designed'': without becoming something that gets annoying to look at a year down the road. Examples of good themes include Joy, Lines, Softwaves and futurePrototype.

If you'd like more information or details, please post to the Debian Desktop mailing list.

New Debian Developers and Maintainers (March and April 2024)

On Fri 31 May 2024 with tags project
Written by Jean-Pierre Giraud

Translations: ar ca es fr hi-IN pl pt sv vi zh-CN

The following contributors got their Debian Developer accounts in the last two months:

  • Patrick Winnertz (winnie)
  • Fabian Gruenbichler (fabiang)

The following contributors were added as Debian Maintainers in the last two months:

  • Juri Grabowski
  • Tobias Heider
  • Jean Charles Delépine
  • Guilherme Puida Moreira
  • Antoine Le Gonidec
  • Arthur Barbosa Diniz


Bits from the DPL

On Thu 02 May 2024 with tags dpl bits from the dpl community debian
Written by Andreas Tille

Translations: ar


Keeping my promise for monthly bits, here's a quick snapshot of my first ten days as DPL.

Special thanks to Jonathan for an insightful introduction that left less room for questions. His introduction covered my first tasks like expense approval and CTTE member appointments thoroughly. Although I made a visible oversight by forgetting to exclude Simon McVittie from the list, whose term has ended , I'm committed to learning from this mistake. In future I'll prioritize thorough proofreading to ensure accuracy.

Part of my "work" was learning what channels I need to subscribe and adjust my .procmailrc and .muttrc took some time.

Recently I had my first press interview. I had to answer a couple of prepared questions for Business IT News. It seems journalists are always on the lookout for unique angles. When asked if humility is a new trait for DPLs, my response would be a resounding "No." In my experience, humility is a common quality among DPLs I've encountered, including Jonathan.

One of my top priorities is reaching out to all our dedicated and appointed teams, including those managing critical infrastructure. I've begun with the CTTE, Salsa Admins and Debian Snapshot. Everything appears to be in order with the CTTE team. I'm waiting for response from Salsa and Snapshot, which is fine given the recent contact.

I was pointed out to the fact that lintian is in an unfortunate state as Axel Beckert confirmed on the lintian maintainers list. It turns out that bug #1069745 of magics-python should not have been undetected for a long time if lintian bug #677078 would have been fixed. It seems obvious to me that lintian needs more work to fulfill its role as reliably policy checker to ensure our high level of packaging quality.

In any case thanks a lot to Axel who is doing his best but it seems urgent to me to find some more person-power for this task. Any volunteer to lend some helping hand in the lintian maintainers team?

On 2024-04-30 I gave my first talk "Bits from greenhorn DPL" online at MiniDebConf Brasil in Belo Horizonte. The Q&A afterwards stired some flavours of the question: "What can Debian Brasil do better?" My answer was always in a way: Given your great activity in now organising the fifth MiniDebConf you are doing pretty well and I have no additional hints for the moment.

Kind regards Andreas.

Debian welcomes the 2024 GSOC contributors/students

On Wed 01 May 2024 with tags gsoc development diversity software
Written by Nilesh Patra

GSoC logo

We are very excited to announce that Debian has selected seven contributors to work under mentorship on a variety of projects with us during the Google Summer of Code.

Here are the list of the projects, students, and details of the tasks to be performed.

Project: Android SDK Tools in Debian

  • Student: anuragxone

Deliverables of the project: Make the entire Android toolchain, Android Target Platform Framework, and SDK tools available in the Debian archives.

Project: Benchmarking Parallel Performance of Numerical MPI Packages

  • Student: Nikolaos

Deliverables of the project: Deliver an automated method for Debian maintainers to test selected numerical Debian packages for their parallel performance in clusters, in particular to catch performance regressions from updates, and to verify expected performance gains, such as Amdahl’s and Gufstafson’s law, from increased cluster resources.

Project: Debian MobCom

  • Student: Nathan D

Deliverables of the project: Update the outdated mobile packages and recreate aged packages due to new dependencies. Bring in more mobile communication tools by adding about 5 new packages.

Project: Improve support of the Rust coreutils in Debian

  • Student: Sreehari Prasad TM

Deliverables of the project: Make uutils behave more like GNU’s coreutils by improving compatibility with GNU coreutils test suit.

Project: Improve support of the Rust findutils in Debian

  • Student: hanbings

Deliverables of the project: A safer and more performant implementation of the GNU suite's xargs, find, locate and updatedb tools in rust.

Project: Expanding ROCm support within Debian and derivatives

  • Student: xuantengh

Deliverables of the project: Building, packaging, and uploading missing ROCm software into Debian repositories, starting with simple tools and progressing to high-level applications like PyTorch, with the final deliverables comprising a series of ROCm packages meeting community quality assurance standards.

Project: procps: Development of System Monitoring, Statistics and Information Tools in Rust

  • Student: Krysztal Huang

Deliverables of the project: Improve the usability of the entire Rust-based implementation of the procps utility on Linux.

Congratulations and welcome to all the contributors!

The Google Summer of Code program is possible in Debian thanks to the efforts of Debian Developers and Debian Contributors that dedicate part of their free time to mentor contributors and outreach tasks.

Join us and help extend Debian! You can follow the contributors' weekly reports on the debian-outreach mailing-list, chat with us on our IRC channel or reach out to the individual projects' team mailing lists.

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