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DebianDay Celebrations and comments

On Sat 09 September 2023 with tags debian birthday debianday debian30
Written by Donald Norwood, Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana
Artwork by Credited

Translations: pt-BR

Debian Celebrates 30 years!

We celebrated our birthday this year and we had a great time with new friends, new members welcomed to the community, and the world.

We have collected a few comments, videos, and discussions from around the Internet, and some images from some of the DebianDay2023 events. We hope that you enjoyed the day(s) as much as we did!

Maqsuel Maqson

"Debian 30 years of collective intelligence" -Maqsuel Maqson


Thiago Pezzo

Pouso Alegre, Brazil

Daniel Pimentel

Maceió, Brazil

Daniel Lenharo

Curitiba, Brazil

Daniel Lenharo

The cake is there. :)


Honorary Debian Developers: Buzz, Jessie, and Woody welcome guests to this amazing party.

Carlos Melara

Sao Carlos, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Carlos Melara

Stickers, and Fliers, and Laptops, oh my!


Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Brasília, Brazil


Brasília, Brazil



30 años!


A quick Selfie


We do not encourage beverages on computing hardware, but this one is okay by us.



30 years of love


The German Delegation is also looking for this dog who footed the bill for the party, then left mysteriously.


We took the party outside

Stefano Rivera

We brought the party back inside at CCCamp


Stefano Rivera

Cake and Diversity in Belgium

El Salvador

Gato Barato Canelón Pulgosky

Food and Fellowship in El Salvador

South Africa


Debian is also very delicious!


All smiles waiting to eat the cake


Debian Day 30 years in Maceió - Brazil

Debian Day 30 years in São Carlos - Brazil

Debian Day 30 years in Pouso Alegre - Brazil

Debian Day 30 years in Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Debian Day 30 years in Curitiba - Brazil

Debian Day 30 years in Brasília - Brazil

Debian Day 30 years online in Brazil

Articles & Blogs

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Discussions and Social Media

Debian Celebrates 30 Years - Source: News YCombinator

Brand-new Linux release, which I'm calling the Debian ... Source: News YCombinator

Comment: Congrats @debian !!! Happy Birthday! Thank you for becoming a cornerstone of the #opensource world. Here's to decades of collaboration, stability & #software #freedom -openSUSELinux via X (formerly Twitter)

Comment: Today we #celebrate the 30th birthday of #Debian, one of the largest and most important cornerstones of the #opensourcecommunity. For this we would like to thank you very much and wish you the best for the next 30 years! Source: X (Formerly Twitter -TUXEDOComputers via X (formerly Twitter)

Happy Debian Day! - Source:

Video The History of Debian | The Beginning - Source: Linux User Space

Debian Celebrates 30 years -Source:

Video Debian At 30 and No More Distro Hopping! - LWDW388 - Source: LinuxGameCast

Debian Celebrates 30 years! - Source: Debian User Forums

Debian Celebrates 30 years! - Source:

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