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Call for bids for DebConf24

On Tue 31 October 2023 with tags debconf debconf24 debian
Written by Debian DebConf Committe

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Due to the current state of affairs in Israel, who were to host DebConf24, the DebConf committee has decided to renew calls for bids to host DebConf24 at another venue and location.

The DebConf committee would like to express our sincere appreciation for the DebConf Israeli team, and the work they've done over several years. However, given the uncertainty about the situation, we regret that it will most likely not be possible to hold DebConf in Israel.

As we ask for submissions for new host locations we ask that you please review and understand the details and requirements for a bid submission to host the Debian Developer Conference.

Please review the template for a DebConf bid for guidelines on how to sumbit a proper bid.

To submit a bid, please create the appropriate page(s) under DebConf Wiki Bids, and add it to the "Bids" section in the main DebConf 24 page.

There isn't very much time to make a decision. We need bids by the end of November in order to make a decision by the end of the year.

After your submission is completed please send us a notification at to let us know that your bid submission is ready for review.

We also suggest hanging out in our IRC chat room #debconf-team.

Given this short deadline, we understand that bids won't be as complete as they would usually be. Do the best you can in the time available.

Bids will be evaluated according to The Priority List.

You can get in contact with the DebConf team by email to, or via the #debconf-team IRC channel on OFTC or via our Matrix Channel.

Thank you,

The Debian Debconf Committee

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