Bits from Debian

Bits from Debian

Debian turns 29!

On Tue 16 August 2022 with tags debian birthday
Written by Laura Arjona Reina
Artwork by Juliette Taka

Translations: fr pt-BR

Alt Happy Birthday Debian by Juliette Taka - click to enlarge

Today is Debian's 29th anniversary. We recently wrote about some ideas to celebrate the DebianDay, and several events have been planned in more than 14 locations. You can join the party or organise something yourselves too!

Today is also an opportunity for you to start or resume your contributions to Debian. For example, you can have a look at our list of Debian Teams, install the how-can-i-help package and see if there is a bug in any of the software that you use that you can help to fix, start designing your artwork candidate for the next release, contribute small tips on how to install Debian on your machines to our wiki pages, or put a Debian live image in an USB memory and give it to some person near you, who still didn't discover Debian.

Our favorite operating system is the result of all the work we do together. Thanks to everybody who has contributed in these 29 years, and happy birthday Debian!

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