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2,000 fonts for Debian

On Fri 17 December 2021 with tags fonts typography artwork
Written by Gürkan Myczko
Artwork by Gürkan Myczko

Translations: pt-BR


Debian comes with tons of fonts for all kinds of purposes, you can easily list them (almost) all with: apt-cache search ^fonts-.

However, sometimes they are not in their latest version, or as a user you would like to get access to new fonts that are not present in Debian stable yet.

With the tool fnt you can easily preview, and install fonts from Debian sid and Google Web Fonts (that's about 2,000 fonts that are DSFG compliant). Any user can use the tool to install fonts only for the user itself, or the system administrator can run it as root to install the fonts system wide.

The package fnt is already in Bookworm, so if you run Debian testing you can use it to get, test and use many fonts that are in their way of being packaged in Debian:

ITP #973779 fnt install scheherazadenew
RFP #944140 fnt install arsenal
RFP #757249 fnt install ekmukta
RFP #724629 fnt install firasans
RFP #766211 fnt install orbitron
RFP #803690 fnt install pompiere
RFP #754784 fnt install raleway
RFP #827735 fnt install reemkufi
RFP #986999 fnt install redhat{display,mono,text}

If you want to learn more you can have a look at the wiki page about fonts (, and if you want to contribute or maintain fonts in Debian, don't hesitate to join the Fonts Team!

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