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Bits from Debian

Salsa CI now includes i386 build support

On Fri 09 October 2020 with tags salsa i386
Written by Salsa CI Team

Translations: pt-BR

Salsa CI pipeline with i386 build support

Salsa CI aims at improving the Debian packaging lifecycle by delivering Continuous Integration fully compatible with Debian packaging. The main Salsa CI's project is the pipeline, that builds packages and run different tests after every git push to Salsa. The pipeline makes it possible to have a quick and early feedback about any issues the new changes may have created or solved, without the need to upload to the archive.

All of the pipeline jobs run on amd64 architecture, but the Salsa CI Team has recently added support to build packages also on i386 architecture. This work started during the Salsa CI Sprint at DebConf20 after the "Where is Salsa CI right now" talk, and required different changes at the core of pipeline to make it possible. For more details, this is the related merge request:

If you have any questions, you can contact the Salsa CI Team at the #salsaci channel on

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