Bits from Debian

Bits from Debian

Great fonts in Debian 10 (or later)

On Tue 09 June 2020 with tags fonts typography artwork
Written by Gürkan Myczko
Artwork by Gürkan Myczko

An example of several fonts in Debian 10

Debian comes with tons of fonts for all kinds of purposes, you can easily list them all (almost) with: apt-cache search ^fonts-

Above you can see a nice composition with examples of several fonts. The composition is published under the MIT (Expat) license and the source SVG (created with Inkscape) can be downloaded here. You will need the fonts to be installed in your system so the SVG is correctly rendered.

If you want to learn more you can have a look at the wiki page about fonts (, and if you want to contribute or maintain fonts in Debian, don't hesitate to join the Fonts Team!

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