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Bits from Debian

Ask anything you ever wanted to know about Debian Edu!

On Wed 29 May 2019 with tags debian edu debian-meeting
Written by Jonathan Carter
Artwork by Christoph Muetze

Debian Edu

You have heard about Debian Edu or Skolelinux, but do you know exactly what we are doing?

Join us on the #debian-meeting channel on the OFTC IRC network on 03 June 2019 at 12:00 UTC for an introduction to Debian Edu, a Debian pure blend created to fit the requirements of schools and similar institutions.

You will meet Holger Levsen, contributing to Debian Edu since 2005 and member of development team. Ask him anything you ever wanted to know about Debian Edu!

Your IRC nick needs to be registered in order to join the channel. Refer to the Register your account section on the oftc website for more information on how to register your nick.

You can always refer to the debian-meeting wiki page for the latest information and up to date schedule.

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